Researcher and Consultant

Cultural Anthropologist and Performance Theorist

I use anthropological methodologies and performance theories to understand everyday life.

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Areas of Focus

My research and consulting work are interdisciplinary, but primarily focus on three main areas:


My research is focused on generational transition—especially between Baby Boomers and Millennials—and the shifts in the sociocultural reality that this movement influences.

Arts, Culture & Heritage

I use anthropology as an applied consulting methodology to mobilize real-world transformation and innovation in the experience and social profit sectors.

Polonia in Canada

My ethnographic interventions seek to understand Polonia in Canada—culturally, socially and historically—as Polish Canadians shape its landscapes in imaginative new ways.

Current Projects

Presently, I am working on the following major projects in addition to research and consulting.

A research collective focused on advancing the arts in Brantford & Brant County through applied qualitative research.
A long-form survey seeking to understand the state of the arts in Brantford/Brant.