Performance Ethnographer

I do experimental and imaginative ethnography with early-life migrants – who identify as Millennial Polish Canadians – which seeks to examine and describe their lifeworlds so that we may better understand how we construct, experience and perform our inner life in everyday contexts. Research Contributions

Arts Ecologist

Applying anthropology as a consulting methodology, I also incubate arts ecologies by working with all components of a creative community – including the artists, the infrastructures that support them, the social spaces in which they work, and the relationships that bind those constituents – on professional and creative development using reflexive research to advance local, organic arts practices and the social profit sector.

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Sept. 2012 —

Teaching Assistant

York University

Mar. 2014 —

Principal Researcher

Arts Ecology Initiative
Brantford / Brant


Sept. 2012 — 2018 (exp.)

Ph.D. Performance Studies & Anthropology

York University
Toronto, Ontario

Sept. 2009 — May 2011

M.A. Playwriting

University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario

Sept. 2004 — Dec. 2008

B.A. Hons Sociocultural Studies & English

Wilfrid Laurier University
Brantford and Waterloo, Ontario

Work with me

As an anthropologist and performance theorist, I excel at producing ‘thick data’ about everyday engagements and social realities. I am available for hire to do:

Thick qualitative research using reflexive and engaged ethnographic methodologies

Instruction and workshop facilitation in the creative and social profit sectors

Playwriting and dramaturgy

Arts & creative consulting, grant writing and program development

Editing and review

I am based in Brantford, Ontario.

I am based in Brantford, Ontario

Connect with me


[email protected]
1 (226) 227-5464

From the beginning, my credo was that art has never been and can never be a representation of or a mirror held up to the reality of life… Art is an answer to reality. This imperative need to provide an answer is probably the very essence of the creative process.

Tadeusz Kantor

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